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Medstar Monday - Week 10

Strength Training to Prevent Injury

It was once believed that strength and resistance training was considered unsafe and potentially injurious to the
developing musculoskeletal system. At worst, it was thought to stunt a child’s growth. In the past decade, research
has begun to disprove the myths and support the addition of strength training into youth athletic programs.
In general, strength training has been known to improve performance, improve motor skill proficiency, increase
neuromuscular development, improve bone health, increase self-esteem, and most importantly, reduce the risk
of sport related injury. As the young athlete transitions in and out of growth stages and rapid development between
the ages of 6-19, the non-linear rates of change (lengthening of bones verse adaptation of soft tissue) increase
the susceptibility of injury during sports. Participating in resistance training programs which include functional
movements that focus on proper mechanics and technique, plyometrics, age appropriate lifts with free weights,
or elastic resistance bands with a qualified strength coach may lead to the reduction of injury to the youth athlete.

Baltimore Union Sports Medicine Team

Union Sports Medicine Liaison: Bryan Caplan, DPT, MTC ([email protected])
Athletic Trainer:Amber Radtke, MS, LAT, ATC, NASM-CES ([email protected])
Strength and Conditioning Coach: Jay Dyer, CSCS ([email protected])
Vice President of MedStar Sport Medicine: Sean Huffman
Director of MedStar Sports Medicine Research: Andy Lincoln

Baltimore City (Harbor Hospital)
Physician: Jeffrey Mayer, Leigh Ann Curl
Sports PT: Chadd Baldwin
Concussion PT: Emily Coates

Baltimore County (Franklin Square)
Urgent Care: MedStar Franklin Square ED
Physician: Frank Dawson, David Cohen, Christopher Looze
Sports PT: Ryan Zimmerman
Concussion PT: Michael Ariete, Jana Bille

Baltimore County (Dundalk)
Physician: Kelly Ryan
Sports & Concussion PT: Laura Long

Baltimore County (Timonium)
Urgent Care: MedStar Prompt Care Towson
Physician: Andrew Tucker, Richard Levine, Melita Moore
Sports PT: Chad Keller
Concussion PT: Patrick Miller

Harford County (Bel Air)
Urgent Care: MedStar Prompt Care
Physician: Sean Curtain
Sports PT: Chelsea Mitchell
Concussion PT: Adrienne Nelson
Concussion PT: Tori Palmer

Baltimore County (Perry Hall)
Urgent Care: MedStar Prompt Care
Sports PT: Stephanie Stover
Concussion PT: Mark Musselman

MedStar Sports Medicine is the official medical team for the Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Orioles, Washington Capitals, Washington Wizards, Baltimore Blast, Washington Spirit, and more than 50 additional professional, collegiate, high school, and club teams.


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