Club Mission

DevelopING the player and the person


The GOAL is understanding that discipline is a key to achievement.

The GOAL is fostering teamwork, sportsmanship, and passion.


The GOAL is winning, but not at the cost of character or development.

The GOAL is growing into your best self...on and off the field.


The GOAL is a youth career filled with amazing memories and teammates that become family.

The GOAL is engagement in your community and learning how to give back.

The GOAL is not just the ball in the back of the net...

Core Values

Integrity & Ethics:

At Baltimore Union, we are committed to running all aspects of the club in an open, honest, fair and responsible way. Strong moral principles are at the center of our club’s foundation as this is an absolute must in setting an example for our youth to learn and model.



A culture of respect within the Baltimore Union camp is essential for individual & team growth.  While we celebrate our differences  through an inclusive environment, there is a shared mindset to TEAM and accountability to one another.



We are driven to maintain a professional standard by conducting ourselves responsibly and performing at a high level with dignity and confidence.

Core Principles


Baltimore Union provides an inspiring atmosphere conducive for learning.  We support and encourage our players to continually strive to become the best they can be.



In difficult or the best of times, demonstrating qualities of mental and emotional balance to meet and exceed challenges on and off the field.



Working together and enhancing cooperative relationships to increase the value of the experience in camp.



Carrying oneself responsibly and with a consistent high standard in camp that reflects well on their families, the team and the Club.


Skill Development:

To enjoy the game, contribute and achieve personal & collective goals, players need to continue to develop their skillset and competency with the ball.


Understanding of the Game:

Soccer is about decision making.  We want our players to THINK the game.  Progressive and continuous learning to realize quicker decisions on the field is paramount for our player’s effectiveness.



Commitment to fitness to meet and exceed physical demands of competition.